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Two Questions an Investor Should Always Ask

Posted on December 8, 2023 at 12:11 PM by Brent Haverkamp


Investing is a commitment of current resources in hopes of a future return.

After years of investing and navigating through various investment opportunities, I've come to realize that there are two fundamental questions that an investor should always ask: "What is backing the investment?" and "Who are the people involved?"

What Is Backing the Investment?

The value of an investment comes from its underlying assets, which act as a safety net. The stronger the backing, the less risk involved. At Haverkamp Group, our investments are backed by cash-flowing, appreciating real estate, which are top-of-the-market, institutional-quality assets. These properties are expected to maintain their value and increase over time, providing a steady and reliable return on investment.


Why Is This Important?

The more balanced a backing is, the better. It's the difference between investing in a company with tangible, high-value assets and a company that is floating on hype. If things go south, the former gives you something to hold on to, while the latter can leave you with nothing if the market sentiment turns.


Further Considerations in Backed Investments

In addition to the quality of the real estate, when we talk about Haverkamp Group-backed investments, we look at other factors like the location of the properties, the growth potential of the surrounding area, and the management team's experience in handling said assets. These aspects ensure that the investment is safe and has growth potential.


Who’s Involved?

The second fundamental question concerns the people behind the investment. This includes the management team, the developers, and everyone involved in the decision-making process. Their track record, expertise, and even their reputation in the industry can tell you a lot about the potential success of an investment.


Critical Points in Evaluating Company Leadership for Investment

When evaluating an investment company, look at the leadership team's experience. Have they managed similar investments in the past? Do they have a history of making wise, profitable decisions? Also, consider their strategic vision: does the company have a clear, achievable plan for the future? Finally, assess their integrity and transparency. Companies that communicate openly with their investors are seen as trustworthy and reliable.


In summary, before diving into any investment, evaluate the substance behind it and the individuals steering it. At Haverkamp Group, we focus on providing solid, real estate-backed investments managed by a team of seasoned professionals. This approach offers a balance of security and growth potential that can make all the difference in investing.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, keeping these questions in mind will help guide you toward more secure and potentially lucrative investment decisions.


- Brent Haverkamp


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