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Attivo Trail Ankeny Phase II - June 2024

June 17, 2024

Significant progress continues at Attivo Trail Ankeny and their phase II addition. This phase is crucial, laying the groundwork for the entire project. Over the past few months, our construction team has worked to maintain the schedule even with a rainy start to the summer. Here is an update on the team's recent achievements and upcoming work.


Topping Slab Completion

The crew completed the topping slab over the precast concrete panels. This slab serves as the base for the steel and wood framing, set to begin mid-summer. Completing this stage was a significant milestone for the project.

Site Utilities Installation

The installation of all site utilities, including water, storm sewer, and underground electrical conduits, is about 85% complete. These utilities allow for the following construction phases, with only a few tasks remaining for full completion.

Parking Garage Plumbing

Progress has also been made on the underground plumbing rough-ins in the parking garage area. Next month, the team will pour the slab-on-grade foundation.

A slab-on-grade foundation is a structural engineering practice in which the concrete slab that will serve as the foundation for a building or other structure is formed from a mold set into the ground. The concrete is poured directly into the mold, leaving no space between the ground and the structure.


Structural Steel Installation

Next quarter, the team will install the structural steel needed for the wood framing over the large open areas. This work is scheduled to begin in mid-summer.

Building Framing

The focus for the next quarter will be framing most of the addition. Once the framing is complete, progress will be on full display as the addition will start to take shape.

Concrete Pouring

The team will also pour concrete in the basement and complete other site paving. These steps ensure a solid and stable foundation for the addition and its surroundings.

Foundations for Garage and Maintenance Building

Additionally, the foundation for the garage and maintenance building will be poured over the next quarter.




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