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The Emory North Liberty - August 2023

August 23, 2023

There has been a tremendous amount of activity in North Liberty over the last month. The first building (44-unit building) had the slab poured today. With the heat, the crews started at 5:00 AM this morning. The second building (52-unit building) has the foundations completed and will begin underground plumbing next week. The final building (52-unit building) is excavated and the foundation crew will move there next. Finally, the Clubhouse foundations are complete, and the slab crew will work on the slab on grade next week.

With the first slab poured, the framing crew will start on Monday of next week and begin framing the first building. This is always a huge accomplishment in going vertical on the project. The Clubhouse will be the next building to start framing, but that will be a couple of weeks. Finally, the site concrete parking lot paving will commence next week as well. The goal is to have a majority of the paving completed by Halloween. This is very important to be able to work off of paving during the winter months and not have to fight the snow and mud.

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