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Vertical Integration

Our vertically integrated structure has proven to be critical to our success in acquiring, building, and managing multifamily investments. Since all operations are performed within the company, we can mitigate risks and structure the project for enhanced investor returns. 

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We identify and purchase development sites and existing buildings in both emerging and well-established markets.



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Our in-house architectural team, Practic Design, has over 20 years of experience on a wide range of design-build projects. Their understanding of construction complexities influences decisions throughout the design process, providing us with both efficient and creative solutions. 



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Development & Construction

Haverkamp Construction started building student housing properties in the year 2000. Since then, the company has expanded into the conventional and age-restricted (55+) active living product types, and has built over 2,000 units across the state of Iowa. 



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Property Management

Haverkamp Properties manages over 4,500 units across the state of Iowa and is committed to providing quality apartment communities at a great price. They work hard to craft and maintain communities where people love to live. 



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Asset Management

Our asset management team optimizes investor returns through revenue enhancement, expense management, capital improvement allocations, refinancings, and buy/sell decision analysis. 



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