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Haverkamp Group, Inc., (the partnership's sponsor) brings substantial demonstrated experience in identifying, developing, constructing, and operating residential real estate. Haverkamp Group and affiliates have been developing real estate since 1994 and currently own or manage more than 4,500 units. This is the third 506(c) fund organized by Haverkamp Group and affiliates. The first fund, Ankeny Attivo Investors, LC was launched in May 2022 and was capitalized with $2.58 million of equity. Ankeny Attivo Investors partially funded the development of Attivo Ankeny, an age-restricted multi-family residential property in Ankeny, Iowa. The second fund, Haverkamp RE Acquisition Fund, LC, launched in November 2022 and was fully subscribed, raising $10 million in equity within 45 days.

In addition to the above-mentioned projects, Haverkamp Group and affiliates have partnered with investors on several other projects and have a history of providing excellent returns to their partners. Having an experienced sponsor makes a way for partners to capitalize on the advantages of real estate, while minimizing some of the risks of individual investing. In uncertain economic times, an experienced sponsor is able to capitalize on possible opportunities by drawing from previous knowledge and history.


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